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Issue 23  April 2021

In this issue

Issue 63 • January 2021

The future is now: new tech driving change in the auto industry

With the backdrop of a global pandemic, a wave of new technology is disrupting the auto and finance space, giving the sector a new digital-first look.

In the 23rd edition of the Motor Finance digital supplement, we look in more depth at some of these technologies and their growing presence in the industry.

We look at the emerging technologies in the Smart Road space, from energy-harvesting roads to electrified roads.

We explore the latest developments in the autonomous vehicle sector, as manufacturers jostle for pole position in a hotly contested market.

We draw highlights from a recent interview with Elon Musk, who discussed some of the technology secrets that will underpin Tesla’s range over the next few years.

We assess the electrification plans of the top global automotive manufacturers, with current models on the market and key dates for the future.

Cazana’s Rupert Pontin asks whether the government’s recent decision to reduce the plug-in grant was more strategic than it first seemed.

We consider whether the transport industry will be changed forever as a direct result of the pandemic and its impact on consumer behaviour. 

Finally we look at the intense digital transformation of the motor finance industry over the last 12 months, from the adoption of online showrooms to profound shifts in the core structure of the market.


Chris Lemmon, editor