Welcome to the twelfth edition of Motor Finance’s digital briefing magazine

In this first edition of 2019, we cover the recent regulatory changes in motor finance and regulation in consumer lending in general.

We cover PCH changes in the market and which car is top in the month of April, based on one provider’s customer demand.

We look at one market adviser’s report on the effect of AI on analytics for motors that could help in efficiency savings.

Electric cars get a good look in this issue, with coverage of the proposed Dyson electric vehicle, while we measure Tesla’s move into mobility as they announce their AI-inspired taxi fleet, derived from retail customer cars that are not in use.

There have been some ripples of interest around Jaguar Land Rover and its ownership, after large losses at the manufacturer, which we cover here.

Our Globaldata analysts look at an interesting joint venture between a car manufacturer and a tech specialist to work on IoT and smart houses in this issue.

And we sent our roving reporter Chris Lemmon to the London Motor Show to take a look at some of the most advanced sports cars in the world.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Brian Cantwell, Editor