Transform how you see identity

Move your digital onboarding processes up a gear

Anchor your user’s digital account to their real identity with just their driver’s license and face. Then re-verify or authenticate them when needed with a selfie.

Start your customer relationship off right

Moving to digitally acquiring customers is expensive. Verifying them online can add friction to the onboarding process, increasing your user drop-off rates — often drastically.

We walk your customers through every stage of the process, with glare and blur detection during upload, plus form autofill. It can be done entirely in app, or across devices, to minimize drop-off.

Scale globally while keeping operational costs down

In-house manual teams can only take you so far. Fast growing transport companies find that they quickly run out of road when demand surges.

You need identity verification that gives you truly global coverage without increasing operational costs. Onfido supports 4,600 identity documents in 195 countries.

Navigate compliance with confidence

Comprehensive identity verification, plus the Onfido Dashboard, means you have clear insight and a full audit trail. So you can navigate regulatory requirements at scale; whether it be driver verification, rider verification, or KYC and AML.

Car theft attempts reduced by 22%, while increasing the number of users verified and onboarded by 39%

5x more users verified and onboarded with the same operators team