Green Dream

In the 20th edition of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we explore the growing shift to environmentally-friendly policies and technologies, and their impact on the auto industry.

We look at Uber’s new commitment to having a completely zero emission fleet across Europe, the US and Canada by 2030, and the incentives offered to drivers to help them make the switch.

We take a look at the new solid-state battery eCitaro bus launched by Mercedes, and assess the shortcomings of today’s lithium-ion cells.

We get an updated look at the top selling electric vehicles so far in 2020, analysing the impact lockdown had on the different manufacturer sales.

We explore the new targets set out by the EU Commission on CO2 emissions, and how dedicated engagement from policy-makers is required to make them achievable.

Finally we talk to independent advisor Keith Allen about his recent whitepaper on multi-bid fleet acquisition, which offers cost-saving advice to firms in a time where every penny counts.

Enjoy the issue!

Chris Lemmon, Editor