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Why online remarketing is more important than ever in the coronavirus era?

Debbie Fox, Commercial Director at epyx answers.

For vehicle leasing companies, motor manufacturers and other companies involved in large scale fleet remarketing, 2020 might be remembered as the year when online disposal platforms became the norm. Why? Because the coronavirus crisis has not just made digital solutions of this type the preferred choice in this sphere but, in many cases, the only option. 

As I write, infection rates are climbing again and heading into winter many of the large fleet organisations disposing of cars and vans with which we work are still encouraging employees to work from home. Online platforms uniquely allow these atomised businesses to maintain a high degree of control over their disposal activities.

Debbie Fox,
Commercial Director, epyx

Meanwhile, the traders to whom they sell also remain noticeably slow to return to their previous habits. While some physical auctions are reopening, they have become carefully controlled environments where the useful buzz and chatter that makes them a good barometer of current market conditions has become unavoidably subdued. Our opinion has long been that physical auctions will always have a place in remarketing, and any hopefully temporary issues caused by the current situation have not changed that belief, but buying online undoubtedly makes more sense to a growing number of traders at this moment.

Proof of all of these views can be seen through the activity we have recently seen on our 1link Disposal Network platform, used by large fleet companies disposing of assets to sell cars and vans to a community of more than 3,000 independent and franchise traders.

We’re now seeing the volumes of vehicles being sold through the platform meeting and exceeding pre-coronavirus levels.

We’re now seeing the volumes of vehicles being sold through the platform meeting and exceeding pre-coronavirus levels. Initially, following lockdown, overall activity was sluggish but there are now strong signs that the fleet remarketing sector is developing a sustainable and relatively buoyant cycle, with much-improved supply and demand.

Interestingly, we’ve also seen a marked increase in traders requesting to sign up to 1link Disposal Network with more than 200 opting to join us during the last five months. Partially, this is because of the launch of 1link Trade Buyer (see story below) but we also believe dealers are recognising that digital sources of stock have become more important in current conditions.

Looking ahead, it is difficult to see the trend towards online changing ahead of any dramatic developments in how coronavirus is handled. The used car and van sectors appear as though they will remain relatively strong for the near future and the systems powering them will increasing be digital. When it comes to fleet disposal, online is the new normal.

Why use 1link Disposal Network?

For companies involved in large-scale vehicle fleet disposal and remarketing, 1link Disposal Network offers a range of key advantages.

  • One system to manage all disposal and remarketing processes
  • Comprehensive vehicle information throughout the remarketing process
  • Improved real-time communications between vendors, suppliers and buyers
  • Automatic event scheduling covering inspections, movements and repairs
  • Ability to transact with multiple remarketing suppliers of all kinds
  • Support for retail, customer and staff sales
  • Fast and efficient job processing through a user-friendly dashboard

1link Trade Buyer launches in Q4 2020

A major new upgrade for the retailer side of 1link Disposal Network is on its way very soon. Rebranded as 1link Trade Buyer, it is being launched in Q4 of 2020 for the 3,000 dealers who use the platform to buy ex-fleet and rental stock. 

1link Trade Buyer has been redesigned based on the availability of new technology and an extensive research programme into the needs of both existing and potential users. The result is a faster, more efficient and more user-friendly buying experience that we believe is industry-leading.

Debbie Fox, Commercial Director at epyx, said: “The platform we are launching has been re-engineered from the ground up to provide a cutting edge user experience that's powered by state of the art technology. In the highly competitive online stock sourcing sector, we have created something that stands out on ease of use and effectiveness.”

In the highly competitive online stock sourcing sector, we have created something that stands out on ease of use and effectiveness.

Debbie Fox, Commercial Director, epyx

Enhancements to 1link Trade Buyer include advanced vehicle filtering with multi-pick selections and dynamic counts, updated vehicle summary and vehicle cards with more detailed service history and clearer data presentation, full screen imagery, key information indicators, downloadable stock lists and improved address tools.

Debbie said: “Everything we have done with 1link Trade Buyer is designed to achieve one thing – enable dealers to identify and acquire the stock they want as quickly and as easily possible. Plus, of course, a better trader experience on the platform is also good news for our fleet disposal customers.”

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