Editor's Letter

Dear colleague,

Welcome to the latest digital supplement of Motor Finance, available to read for free on all devices.

The effect of Brexit on the car finance industry has started to creep in. Data from a UHY Hacker Young report put the average cost increase on a PCH deal at £30 since the referendum in 2016. We cover the changes attributable to continuing uncertainty around Brexit in this issue.

We also carry a feature from one of our tech-focused titles, Verdict Encrypt, which warns that some of the advice concerning GDPR and the appointment of inadequately trained staff to data protection positions could cause problems.

New moves in the car mobility market are surging ahead through agreements between manufacturers, much like the BMW and Daimler deal where the large German auto-makers agreed to work together. We look at how motor finance could align with these moves in this issue.

We also address the world of online retail and how dealers and customers’ perceptions are shaping the market for online sales of cars. A survey from tech company iVendi looks at dealers and how they are engaging with digital services for motor finance.

The second-hand car market is set to surge as consumers look for better budgeting options – this could mean options for motor finance funders in the second-hand car market.

We also cover the latest tech developments in the car market, including advances from Toyota, Volvo and Cazana.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Brian Cantwell, Editor

Editor's Letter