A Look Beyond the Lockdown

In the 18th issue of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we go beyond the coronavirus pandemic and look at how different people are coping with The New Normal and explore how the automotive landscape may look once this is all over.

We speak with key industry figures to gauge their reactions to the FCA’s new package of measures designed to support potentially vulnerable customers during the crisis.

We explore the impact working from home has had on companies like heycar, which like many others, has had to rethink and reorganise their day-to-day operations since lockdown began.

We look at the effects of the virus on the Chinese market and what opportunities are now open for a market where expansion is a real possibility.

We speak with AutoProtect Group’s Tara Williams, who recently re-joined the company from Group 1 Automotive. We discussed Williams’ new role and wider regulation in the industry.

Finally, James Fairclough of AA Cars asks what the crisis means for the government’s 2035 Road to Zero commitment.

I hope you enjoy the issue, and please get in touch with any feedback!

Chris Lemmon, Editor