Welcome to the thirteenth edition of Motor Finance’s digital briefing magazine

This issue we look at the most recent mainstream-media debate on issues surrounding affordability and customer vulnerability, as discussed on the BBC Radio 4 programme, Money Box.

We also look at the uses of telematics and how that could drive the adoption of new models of PCH in the future, with commentary from ALD Automotive and new market player wejo.

This issue we also cover some new players in the ride-hailing and mobility markets that are turning London into a prime battleground for ride-hailing market share.

The FCA has been active in bringing in fee caps for consumer credit in different sectors, but what could this mean for motor finance? We cover that here.

Lexus has joined a growing list of luxury OEMs who have joined the subscription model race for new car buyers.

The motorcycle sales market has bucked the trend against the Brexit curve – we look at why here.

We also cover a report from Grant Thornton and Cox Automotive Car about how dealers are selling cars and finance online, where the race is on for full omni-channel adoption to suit consumers.

And finally, we look at the fastest selling cars in the UK here.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Brian Cantwell, Editor