Connected Retailing

Connecting online and showroom sales processes

iVendi delivers a Connected Retailing solution connecting the digital and showroom sales processes and providing a seamless experience for consumers, no matter how they choose to buy. 

Our integrated sales platform for vehicles and financial services gives vehicle retailers and lenders the opportunity to adapt and thrive in a transforming industry with vehicle & finance smart search, powerful lead conversion tools and online & showroom deal management.

More than a Marketplace


Built around specific lender and OEM requirements, our enterprise-level vehicle and financial services retailing platform delivers an omni-channel retail solution to help you achieve your digital transformation strategy. Connecting the consumer, the retailer and the lender together from the initial research and decision phases through to the final purchase, our enterprise solution allows for absolute flexibility anywhere and at every stage of the vehicle buying journey.

For more information on our enterprise solutions, download our white paper.

Smart Search


iVendi’s smart search technology delivers highly targeted, personalised results for each consumer and promotes the affordability of your vehicles. With features such as the ability to display new and used stock together, iVendi ENGAGE improves the visibility of your stock and helps consumers find the right vehicle in record time.

Lead Generation


iVendi CONVERT is a powerful lead generation tool, which turns website visitors into highly qualified leads by demonstrating the affordability of your vehicles. With features including finance calculators, finance checks, a reservation tool, and the multi-lender comparator view, iVendi CONVERT pre-qualifies consumers, producing high-quality leads. Consumers can personalise finance quotes and apply for finance with confidence, all at a time that is convenient for them. Capture consumers at different stages of the buying journey and keep consumers on your website longer with iVendi CONVERT.

Deal Management


An innovative deal management system, which supports e-commerce, iVendi TRANSACT bridges the gap between online and showroom sales processes. With features such as a digital deal builder, two-way transaction management and multi-lender submission, iVendi TRANSACT enables effective e-commerce. Retailers can send a digital deal to every customer via a secure account, facilitating negotiation and communication between the retailer and consumer. Quickly quote multiple finance products including value-added products to consumers in your showroom or online.