Back to the Future

Welcome to the 19th digital edition of Motor Finance – in this edition we look back to the future at some of the industry trends that have understandably taken a backseat during the last few months.

We take a look through a new report from Deloitte which predicts that a third of all new car sales worldwide will be electric by 2030 – 10m more than previous forecasts.

We discuss the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the UK industry with industry figures and what support, if any, we can expect from the government.

We detail the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA)’s recovery plan for the UK economy, which recommends a phased approach of short, medium and long-term measures.

We catch up with the latest in the autonomous vehicle world, with the latest reports suggesting that Level 5 fully self-driving cars are not due anytime soon.

Finally we take a look at the leasing trends seen since we have emerged from lockdown, detailing the most popular enquiries seen on the Leasing.com platform.

Chris Lemmon, Editor