Welcome to this edition, where we explore the multifaceted landscape of the motor finance industry across Europe and the UK, profoundly influenced by global developments. Our top three feature articles delve into the intricate nexus of politics, industry dynamics, and the future of electric vehicles (EVs) in the US and what it might mean for motor financiers across the Atlantic. The recent controversy surrounding former President Donald Trump's alleged negotiations with oil executives for campaign funds, alongside Democrats' investigations into potential climate policy reversals, highlights the pivotal moment facing the EV industry. Our other features examine the escalating cost of insurance in the UK, revealing that inflation may not be the sole driver of the surge.  

Furthermore, we explore the overlooked potential of hydrogen amidst the fervour for battery electric vehicles in the quest for carbon neutrality. Finally, our Q&A session with Hendrik Herman, vice president of automotive, sheds light on the emergence of software-defined vehicles and the pivotal role of immersive experiences in shaping the future of automobiles. 

Join us as we navigate through these stories.

Alejandro Gonzalez, editor